Restaurant Website Design

I know Neil very well, he has been in Devon for many years and is well known in the area for his great food. He recently reopened his restaurant in Sidmouth and wanted to upgrade his website that was built on the 1 and 1 platform to something that better reflected the restaurant and the quality of the food.

Revamp of his existing website

One of the first things I noticed apart from the need of a refresh was that the 1 & 1 websites are effectively a single page as far as search engines like Google are concerned and combined with no SEO the website was getting very poor results and not enhancing Neil”s brand.

Knowing what a seafood restaurant needs in a website

Like all our projects, we started by understanding what Neil wanted out of the website, who the competition was and more importantly who his target market was. Bringing this together we created wireframes of each page to show how the elements of the page should work together and this helps also test the user experience so we can see any problems very early in the process.

Creating the new website

Once the wireframes are done we then overlay the design. Neil has a great logo and great colours which set the mood for his restaurant very well. With the theme of freshness we created the design with light tones to reflect this and on every good design the devil is in the detail so incorporating things like a subtle wave textured background to the site to reflect on the seafood theme.

Making booking a table easy

Easy table booking is through a simple form on the site is sent through to Neil on his mobile phone to allow fast confirmation. Neil also takes bookings on his Facebook page and of course by phone.

Daily menu automated publishing

One thing that Neil needed was a way to improve the efficiency of creating and publishing the menu. Neil”s Restaurant serves fresh seafood which changes daily due to the changing seasons and what the local fishermen bring in that morning. We created a custom menu management system into the website which allows Neil to update the menu which is published directly on the website and a tweet button allows this to be tweeted to notify his followers. Also, a button click produces the menu for print so he can print the daily menu for his Restaurant.

Site Launch and SEO

We had great feedback on our design and build of this site. As part of the launch we created custom designed Facebook Page and Twitter page as well. One of our overriding drivers at Vesign Media is making websites work for the business not just making beautiful designs. The launch includes on page optimisation and running the site through 100s of tests to ensure that we are aligned with current best practice and that all the SEO is ready.

The Results?

Ask the chef! Neil saw within a month that the website started to produce daily bookings as the new site got properly indexed by Google and the visitor numbers grew. Neil is very happy with the new website and has had a lot of positive feedback from his customers. Neil said that he”s finding his regulars already know what they are going to order before they arrive as they are checking the menu on the website. Neil”s website can be found at and you can follow him on twitter @Neilsrestaurant