The RCCG's new website brings a solution to the dynamic church's vision for the future.

The redesign and new build of the RCCG website

The RCCG is a fast growing and dynamic church that has been hugely successful in its mission since it was founded in 1952. In the UK the parishes are managed by the administrative Central Office and is the Central Office’s website for coordinating the parishes and being a central information point for the followers of the church.

Interactive Map for finding Parishes

One of the church’s goals is to have a church within 5 minutes drive of every city and town and so being able to find the nearest place of worship needs to be easy and intuitive.

RCCG interactive Parish Finder

The Interactive Parish Finder Map

With 631 (at this time, but growing very fast) places of worship the solution was to build an interactive Parish Finder map that could be search by Post Code, address or by clicking to zoom into the map. We interfaced with the powerful Google Maps and customised the map markers with the RCCG logo. With some neat javascript code the end solution gives visitors to the site many ways to find their nearest parish. Included is a more traditional directory style listing by towns and cities in the UK.

A complete directory of Parishes

One aim of the new website was for it to be a resource for all the Parishes in England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Every parish of the RCCG is included on the website making it a comprehensive resource for followers of the Church and allowing an easy way to find the nearest place of worship.

600 mini websites in one!

Another challenge for this project was allowing each of the 631+ parishes to have their own mini website area where they can publish details of their Parish. The RCCG Holy Ghost Zone, WOKING is an example of the level of information that is being updated by each Pastor showing the richness of information available. Allowing easy updating by each Parish Pastor was critical in allowing this area of the website to be self maintained.

Custom built solution

The requirements of the RCCG website meant that we decided to custom code the website to allow us the flexibility needed. At Vesign Media we have a teams that are skilled in delivering bespoke systems as well as using WordPress as a foundation. The solution chosen is dependent upon what the requirements of the website are.

Easy updating of the content

An intuitive content management system makes it easy to keep the website up to date by the authors and website administrators at the Central Office. Also, each Parish Pastor has access to keep their own Parish’s mini-website up to date which relieves the burden from the Central Office Staff and delivers a fresher and useful website.