Tariq Idris Dentist and Music Lover

In concert

At Vesign Media we often end up hosting our client’s websites on our state of the art private servers as performance is increasingly becoming a factor in Google’s search algorithm as it’s closely associated with giving a good user experience.  We all hate waiting for pages to load and this is especially true when using our mobile phones or tablets.

As apposed to shared hosting where there are 100’s if not 1000’s of websites sharing a server, we keep the number of websites on each server to a hand full and ensure that this is well within the capabilities of the servers. In some cases some websites deserve their own dedicated servers. This allows the servers to be tuned and configured especially for the characteristics of the website.

The reason for this introduction is that we have been working with the dentist Tariq Idris to optimise his websites and get them managed better. Tariq had been using a shared server hosting solution which had served its purpose but now needed a more robust and better managed website hosting solution.

Tariq, came to us to discuss his options and it was lovely to meet a charming and knowledgeable dentist  that has a calming manner, just what any dentist phobic person like me would wish for! It’s not until you meet people that you can get to know them and I was impressed to hear that Tariq Idris has a passion for music and he even has a his own tariq idris on music website where he blogs about the artists that he loves.

I’m pleased to welcome Tariq as a client and to be looking after his websites. We are in the process of migrating the websites to our servers without any downtime and doing our normal checks to ensure they are updated and secure.

If you would like to talk to us about website hosting then please contact us and we will happily discuss your requirements, without compromise.

In the mean time, check out the Tariq Idris music blog