Lead Generation for Driveway and Patio Company

The Driveway Company wanted to change their poor performing existing site to one that would allow them to compete against strong competition in this sector. The aim of the site was to generate leads that could be followed up by their sales team.

The path to generating leads

Getting interest in the services through the website required making the information the visitor needed clear and appropriate. We positioned a contact form on the home page and gave the home page a gallery of excellent examples of their work. Allowing visitors the opportunity to make contact without needing to go to another page improves the conversion rate of vistors to enquiries as does having a simple and easy form to complete.

Ongoing optimisation of the website is done by getting real time data on how each visitor is using the website and shows us where the blocks in the process of conversion. At each review we are able to decide what the most effective changes will be to the website and once done we can compare the new data with that captured prior to the change to confirm that the changes make a positive difference.

Online shop

We incorporated an online shop to allow customers to buy after care products and to allow The Driveway Company to keep in contact with past customers. The range of products is small and so we were able to incorporate this feature into the WordPress website by using a plugin and customising the design to fit that of the website.