We offer a comprehensive portfolio of services, allowing us to provide a complete solution for our clients. Having a single point of contact simplifies any website project and eliminates the difficulties that arise when communicating with several different suppliers.

You should find what you need among our standard portfolio. If you need something else, or if your online project is a little different, please get in touch. We are usually able to help, even if your deadlines are demanding.



We start by finding out about your online needs. Our team of experienced, professional graphic designers work from our initial discovery, build wire frames and create design visuals that illustrate our ideas, and get them to you within days. We use your feedback to explore alternative approaches and refine the model. The result is a stunning website that is sure to engage visitors, deliver your message and drive conversions.


Stable, tried-and-tested technology underpins everything we do. We find innovative ways to deliver our designers’ concepts and to build websites that shine. Our developers have extensive experience of most leading technologies and enjoy the challenge of turning complex needs into elegant solutions. As a result, we can always select the best foundation for your project. The result – a robust solution that meets your every need.


Our choice of hosting for your website depends entirely on what you need. We have our own dedicated hosting installations in Britain, the United States, Australia and South Africa. We offer high-quality shared hosting, dedicated single-server hosting and grid-based, high-capacity services for ultra-demanding global environments.


Project Management

We assign an experienced project manager as a single point of contact for you, and provide you with access to our project management system. Professional project management is essential, and with access to our system you can monitor progress at each step along the project timeline.


We look after any website, whether we built it or not. Our website management services include hosting reviews, performance monitoring, error tracking, data backups and security updates. Our cross-technology skills allow us to manage any changes needed over the life of a website, from minor enhancements to substantial redevelopments.


Search Engine Optimisation

Without visitors, your website will simply gather dust in a forgotten corner of the Internet. Professional SEO improves your rankings and increases your visibility in the search engine results pages (SERPs). We use only ethical, or “white-hat”, SEO techniques to boost your online presence, grow your brand reputation and drive visitors to your site. There are no instant results from SEO – it takes time and effort – but our long-term track record is excellent.

Paid Search

Until our SEO kicks in, we boost your site’s performance using paid-search techniques. Today, most search engines offer pay-per-click (PPC) advertising that produces results almost immediately. A good deal of exposure is possible at relatively little cost, and the highly targeted nature of PPC makes it a powerful way to generate traffic. PPC campaigns typically provide an effective short-term sales boost.

Link Building

Links from other websites increase the authority of your website and improve its SERPs positioning, as well as bringing in visitors. Link building campaigns need to be highly specific to have long lasting effect and to avoid your website being de-indexed by search engines. We use the JoJex platform of tools to manage and monitor link-building campaigns with great results.


Building a website that simply looks good isn’t enough to make it work for you. You want clients to engage with you through the medium of your website, and the best way to accomplish this is to provide informative, unique content. If writing is not your speciality, our web copywriters can create fresh, unique copy at modest additional cost.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

Your pages need to earn their keep and drive visitors to convert, whether that means buying something, downloading information or registering for a newsletter. We install comprehensive analytics on each page and monitor visitor behaviour, allowing you to focus on pages that convert well and to improve those that under perform.


Social Marketing

The importance of effective marketing on social networks continues to increase. Sites like Facebook, Twitter and, more recently, Pinterest allow you to build a brand presence that reaches potential customers individually. We advise you on appropriate strategies for your business and are ready to implement a campaign on your behalf if you wish.

Reputation Management

Your place in the community is important. Promoting your brand on social networks is one step, but finding new customers and interacting with them becomes a natural way of expanding your business. Maintaining a good reputation within the online community is essential, as is knowing what people are saying about you and engaging appropriately. The JoJex toolset allows us to monitor your social profiles and to take prompt action when necessary.